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Hi, I'm Dr. Oscar Paez Castro


There's No Place like Home

During my spare time, I enjoy cooking, travelling and spending time with my family which includes 5 dogs.

Over 16 Years of Veterinary Experience

My name is Oscar Paez Castro. I was born in Cuba where I grew up and pursued my studies in Veterinary medicine. After graduating in 1981 I practiced in South East Asia for 18 years. During this time I prepared my Masters Degree in Maison Alfort, Paris, France 1993 - 1994. 

Nearly 16 years ago I settled in the USA with my family and opened my first clinic. In my practice I integrate both eastern and western medicine approach.   Acupuncture, hydrotherapy and natural medicine are commonly used in combination with the modern veterinary techniques and procedures. We count with in house Lab services, X-rays and laser therapy. 


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