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AVMA and AAHA Guidelines.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

#coralwayanimalclinic proudly follows the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Animal Hospital Association guidelines and Membership.

COVID-19 update emailed to AVMA members: An important question that has been asked is whether veterinary medicine is considered an “essential business”. AVMA is advocating for all veterinary hospitals and ambulatory practices to be considered essential businesses in any situations in which non-essential businesses are asked to close for COVID-19 risk mitigation. Veterinarians and our teams provide important animal and public health surveillance, deliver essential medical care for ill animals, and ensure that only healthy animals enter the food supply. Veterinary practices can and should defer elective procedures to preserve medical supplies when circumstances call for that. However, veterinarians must also be able to continue to provide medically necessary care for our animal patients, especially during this time when Americans are spending increased time at home with their pets and ensuring the integrity of our food supply is critical. In doing so, and as needed, veterinarians can adapt our approach to ensure an appropriate level of biosecurity that safeguards the health of our animal patients and their owners. #health #biosecurity #wellness #medicalcare #safeguards #healthcare #veterinarians #covid19response #coralwayanimalclinic

Our Clinic Precautions Include:

Regularly sanitizing our clinic with the same disinfectants that we use in our surgical suite and guard. Signage throughout the clinics encouraging good personal hygiene. Staff are washing their hands and sanitizing before and after each appointment Team members are encouraged to stay home when they do not feel well or are showing symptoms and to avoid non-essential travel. We are asking all clients to stay home or seek medical assistance if they are not feeling well. Staying up to date on government updates from Centers for Disease Control and the Florida Health Department.

Our staff is committed to you and the health of your pet. We will keep you informed as more updates are available.

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